SICKO: Bodybuilder Marries Sex Doll 🤢

Yuri Tolochko bodybuilder marries sex doll in Kazakhstani

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After Whirlwind Romance, He Takes A Wife

(see video below)

From the world of, “just when I thought that I’ve seen it all”, we get this story from the New York Post. I don’t get it, I mean, I just don’t get it! With all the available people in the world, how does this happen? A bodybuilder from Kazakhstan has tied the knot with his dearly beloved — a sex doll he dated for eight months before proposing a year ago. On November 30, 2020, the New York Post reported that Yuri Tolochko wed “Margo”, in a white dress and clutching a bouquet of flowers.

“It’s happened. To be continued,”

Yori Tolochko on the wedding

Clad in a black tux and bow tie, “sicko” Yuri Tolochko is seen planting a gentle kiss on Margo. The couple also shared a romantic first dance in front of dozens of guests who attended the traditional ceremony. I don’t know what is sicker, the wedding or the people who attended this farce! “It’s happened. To be continued,” the actor and bodybuilder wrote after slipping a ring onto his bride’s finger.

Yuri and Margo 🤮

The self-described “sexy maniac” popped the question in December 2019 when the unconventional couple got engaged. 🤮 Tolochko said he met Margo at a nightclub, where he rescued her from some unwanted attention, adding that they had planned to take the plunge in March before the coronavirus pandemic hit. So, was “she” being “used” at the nightclub when he rescued her! 😵

Tolochko, who identifies as a pansexual, told the Daily Star that “our story turns me on much more than sex itself.” Margo is capable of what other people are not capable of,” he said, according to the news outlet. Listen, this doesn’t deserve comment, but let us know below if this is sick to you…if is not, then please reserve comment!

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